Mailbox to Heaven!

upon a time, a grandmother of a little girl died. She was a very little girl and could My wonderful Grandmother Bellenot understand why she could not visit her grandmother anymore. She missed making Gorditas with her grandmother, singing songs and dancing. She also missed hearing the story of the “Llorona” and other scary tales from Mexico.  But she really missed sending secret notes, so she wrote a note to her grandmother and put it in the mailbox. The next day the mailman returned the note to her and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t deliver this note to your grandmother.” So then the little girl gave the note to her teacher but she said, “I don’t know where your grandmother lives.”

  The little girl did not know what to do; she missed her grandmother so very, very much. She went to her beautiful mother and asked, “Mommy, I miss my grandmother so much, how can I send her a note?” Her mother answered, “Sweetheart, grandma lives in heaven and there are no mailboxes to heaven.” The little girl became very sad and said, “Why not mommy, grandma said I could always write to her?” Her mother said sadly, “Because…” (That ‘s the way mothers talk to their little girls sometimes.) The little girl was a very determined little girl like her grandma and did not like the answer; so she said, “I will make a mailbox to heaven myself!”
The Mailbox to Heaven
  The little girl marched to her bedroom and took all of her toys out. Then she painted her toy box with magic paint and decorated it with angels, and hearts, and flowers, and other things that reminded her of heaven. She finished it with a beautiful cross that her grandmother had given to her, so God would let the mailbox into heaven.My beautiful Mommy and me

   The little girl put her note in her mailbox to heaven, but the note looked so small and lonely all by itself.  So she went to her mother and asked,  “Mommy, I know you miss grandma very much. I hear you cry when you are alone, why don’t you write to grandma and mail it in my mailbox to heaven?” Her mother wrote the note just to keep her daughter happy, but when she put the note into the mailbox she felt so much better. So her mother told all her friends and even strangers about this wonderful mailbox her daughter made for her grandmother. Now visitors from all over the world come to send notes to those they have loved and now are in heaven.

   You too can try the little girl’s mailbox to heaven. Just write a note to someone in heaven … you can say, “I miss you,” “I’m sorry for…” something you forgot to tell, or just to write a simple note from your heart! Send it in the Mailbox to Heaven and when you see someone smiles at you, you’ll know that it was received in heaven!

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 Mailbox to Heaven Creator: Ginette R. Rondeau

Written by: Ginette R. Rondeau and David Di Julio

Copyright, Ginette R. Rondeau, 1994

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